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Shipping orders without Track&Trace thru a normal postal service? With the 'Addresslabel PDF' extension you can create shipping labels without the need to copy/paste the address every time. Fully customisable label format and positions for text elements, also supports adding barcodes to the labels.
Oct 7, 2015
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Magento addresslabel PDF

This extension creates an address / shipping label PDF that is fully customizable, you can define the page size, field location and layout (thru CSS), page background (insert PDF background). If you need multiple labels per page you can also define the label size. This extension can print order labels to be used as a shippinglabel where you can specify to print a label per order, per ordered item, per ordered item qty or per ordered item qty increment. It is also possible to print labels from your customer accounts to print addresslabels for example for a postal mailing.



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Release notes
Version: 15.279.1, release date: 2015-10-07
Added extra integration fields with orderpicker extension
Version: 15.242.1, release date: 2015-09-02
Fixed missing controller function
Version: 15.215.1, release date: 2015-08-05
Updated TCPDF library files
Version:, release date: 2015-08-05
Updated TCPDF library files
Version: 15.1.1, release date: 2015-01-01
Fixed configuration settings after fresh install
Version: 14.274.1, release date: 2014-10-01
Improved Genmato Cloudprint compatibility
Version: 14.258.1, release date: 2014-09-15
Updated Genmato Core Extension
Version: 1.0.2, release date: 2014-07-27
Fixed PDF Lib class
Added billing and shipping object
Changed template variable for selected label
Added CloudPrint integration
Version: 1.0.0, release date: 2014-02-03
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Great and fast support
This is really a nice addon to make my shipping a lot easier and faster to process.
Review by Arnoud / (Posted on 3/18/2014)

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