Genmato - Magento Extensions for Efficiency

Content Managment

  1. Genmato Social Product Update for Magento

    Announcing every new product or price change to your social media followers can be a bit of a hassle. With the 'Social Media Product Update' extension you can automate this task for newly created products, price decrease or promotions. It also allows you to spotlight/promote a random product on a schedule you wish. This extension works with all Social Media networks supported by the BufferApp (Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and more) and allows you to schedule messages. Learn More
  2. Genmato Configuration Versioning

    Managing all configuration changes made in your development environment can be a big challenge. Setting every option by hand when moving code to your production environment can be a lot of work and missing a setting can cause your store to fail. With the Configuration Versioning extension you can easily see the changes made, select the items you want to push to production and create scripts from them. These scripts can then be included in your Versioning system (Git/SVN) and you will never forget any change. Learn More