Genmato - Magento Extensions for Efficiency

Financial & Payment

How well is your Magento webshop performing, get a better insight in your real earnings!
  1. Genmato Rembours and Invoice Payment Method

    Need your customers to pay by invoice or cash on delivery (COD) after receiving the ordered products without setting the order as completed? With this extension you can set the invoice as pending for an order, this way the order is marked complete after you captured the payment for the invoice and you can keep track on unpaid invoices. Learn More
  2. Genmato Product Sales Information

    The Sales report information in Magento is pretty basic and will only show you the total qty of items sold in the given period. With the 'Product Sales Information' extension you get a real view on the qty of items sold, not only as a total but also for example the last week, month or quarter. This gives you more details on how fast a product is selling and can help you with buying new stock based on this information. Learn More
  3. Direct Debit SEPA (EU)

    Allowing your customers to pay thru Direct Debit can improve your conversion as there is no need to redirect to an external payment provider. With the 'Direct Debit SEPA (EU)' extension you can add this payment option directly into your checkout allowing you to specify the customer group or minimum and maximum amount for the option to be available. This will allow you to Direct Debit your client in the SEPA area that have a valid IBAN. Optionally it is possible to use an external webservice to validate the entered IBAN and BIC. Learn More
  4. Genmato Product Profit and Ratio

    Get details on how much you earn on every product sold. The 'Product Profit and Ratio' extension calculates the profit ratio and earnings for every product and adds these columns to the product grid page, allowing you to update your pricing for products where your margin is to low. Learn More
  5. Genmato Extension Maximum Order Amount

    Selling to B2B clients on account can cause a risk where your client orders more and more without paying the previous orders. In some cases you can insure these orders to a specified maximum. With the Maximum Order Amount extension you can enforce a limit (per customer or customer group) of the unpaid amount as well as a maximum amount ordered per period. This will disable the option to checkout for your client until he has paid the outstanding invoices and lowered his unpaid amount. Learn More