Genmato - Magento Extensions for Efficiency

Order Handling & Shipping

Simplify your order management, process your orders faster with less errors and save time!
  1. Genmato Easy Order Pick&Pack

    Collecting every ordered item from your warehouse can be a very time consuming and error-prone task. With the 'Easy Order Pick & Pack' extension you can use a smartphone to get the fastest route thru your warehouse by sorting the items to pick on shelf location. To minimize the collection of wrong products you can connect a (bluetooth) barcode scanner and verify that you grabbed the right product. Learn More
  2. Genmato Pending Order Grid

    Processing more than 10-15 orders a day will take you a lot of time only checking what order needs to be shipped. If you add items that can be backordered its almost impossible to get the orders from two weeks ago that are ready to be shipped. With the 'Pending Order Grid' extension you get an extra grid showing only the orders that your attention and with the order details you want to see. Learn More
  3. Genmato Smart Grid Actions

    Shipping an order or creating an invoice requires a lot of clicks before they are created, multiply this by a large amount of order that need to be processed daily and you will see how much time gets lost in these repeating tasks. With the 'Smart Grid Actions' extension you can now speedup these tasks with the mass-action actions that are added to the Order Grid. Learn More
  4. Genmato Backorder Product Status

    Backorders in Magento are not fully implemented, during checkout the qty that is not available in stock is recorded, but after that its all up to you. With the 'Backorder Status' extension orders with any item marked as backorder gets a new status (Backorder Item). As soon as new stock is available all orders, with that product ordered, are checked and processed as long as there is enough stock available. When there are no backorders left, the order status is set back to processing. Learn More
  5. Genmato Google CloudPrint PDF

    Printing an invoice PDF for every order to include in the shipped package can take some time as you need to download the PDF first. With the 'Google Cloud Print for PDF' extension you can print your PDF document directly from the Magento admin to the printer you specify in just a single click. Supports every Cloudprint enabled printer or with the use of Google Chrome every other printer. Learn More
  6. Genmato Addresslabel PDF

    Shipping orders without Track&Trace thru a normal postal service? With the 'Addresslabel PDF' extension you can create shipping labels without the need to copy/paste the address every time. Fully customisable label format and positions for text elements, also supports adding barcodes to the labels. Learn More
  7. Genmato Order Packagelist PDF

    Print a pick/packagelist PDF document to easily get the items needed to ship the order, all items are sorted on shelf location to optimize the route thru your warehouse. Select the attributes to display and when working with backorders display the qty that is in backorder or was already shipped before. Learn More
  8. Genmato Un-Cancel Order

    Need to process a canceled order? With this extension you have a new option to uncancel the order if it has been canceled before. Learn More