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Un-Cancel Order for Magento 2

Nov 7, 2014
CE 2.0, EE 2.0

Installation Guide

There are 2 ways to install this extension, if you ordered/downloaden the package from our site (or GitHub), unpack the file and upload it to your Magento 2 installation into the directory: [magento2]/app/code/Genmato/UnCancelOrder/

The other option is to install this extension thru composer (command-line), for this the package is registered on Packagist for easy installation. In your Magento installation root run:

composer require genmato/uncancelorder

This will install the latest version in your Magento installation

After you uploaded/installed the extension run the following commands to enable the extension:

php bin/magento module:enable Genmato_UnCancelOrder

php bin/magento setup:upgrade

php bin/magento cache:clean
This will enable the extension and run the Schema and Data scripts.

How to un-cancel an order

When can I un-cancel an order

Uncancel Order ButtonOnly orders that have the status 'Canceled' can be un-canceled, only then there will be an extra button in the 'Order View Page'. When you click this button the order will be set back to the status 'Processing'.

What is updated when I uncancel an order

When you un-cancel an order the following items will be changes:

  • Order status will be set to 'Processing'
  • All ordered items will be set back to ordered items
  • Stock will be updated for all items in the order