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Print a pick/packagelist PDF document to easily get the items needed to ship the order, all items are sorted on shelf location to optimize the route thru your warehouse. Select the attributes to display and when working with backorders display the qty that is in backorder or was already shipped before.
Oct 7, 2015
CE 2.0
EE 2.0
CE 1.9
EE 1.14
CE 1.8
EE 1.13
CE 1.7
EE 1.12
CE 1.6
EE 1.11
CE 1.5
EE 1.10
CE 1.4
EE 1.9

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With the Packagelist PDF you can dispatch your warehouse to collect the items needed for an order. Because the packagelist is based on the order and not the shipment, this document can be printed before the shipment is done. The content of the packagelist is configurable thru the backend and allows you to add a PDF as background image (for example for your letterhead). 

The Packagelist PDF extension also integrates with the Genmato PendingOrderGrid and Google CloudPrint extensions.



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Release notes
Version: 15.279.1, release date: 2015-10-07
Added option to add extra PDF page to packagelist
Version: 15.242.1, release date: 2015-09-02
Fixed missing controller function
Version: 15.217.1, release date: 2015-08-07
Updated TCPDF library
Version: 15.81.1, release date: 2015-03-23
Added check for select/multiselect attrbiutes in PDF output
Version: 14.315.1, release date: 2014-11-11
Added option to include product options on packagelist
Version: 14.283.1, release date: 2014-10-10
Fixed type in billingaddress in pdf create function
Version: 14.274.1, release date: 2014-10-01
Updated Genmato Cloudprint compatibilty
Version: 1.0.5, release date: 2014-07-27
Changed billing and shipping address naming
Fixed error on shipping address for virtual orders
Added Text before
Added giftmessage option
Added Cloudprint integration
Version: 1.0.3, release date: 2014-01-25
Updated PdfLib to fix compatibility errors with TCPDF library
Version: 1.0.1, release date: 2014-01-21
Updated Cloudprint observer to include the document/action
Version: 1.0.0, release date: 2014-01-19
Initial release

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