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Promotion Rule Banners

Managing weekly promotions with multiple rules and different banners and location can take a lot of time changing them every period. With the 'Promotion Rule Banners' you can schedule multiple periods and banners based on the Catalog and Shopping Cart Price Rules. This allows you to schedule promotions in advance for a longer period and saves you time as the banners are rotated automatically at the end of the promotion period.
Oct 27, 2014
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Promotion rules are a good way to sell more, but changing banners on your site can be a lot of work when you regularly change your promotion. With the Promotion Rule Banners extension this is handled for you.

How does it work

For every promotion rule (both catalog and shoppingcart) offers you to upload a banner. This banner is then displayed on the selected location(s) as long as the promotion rule is active/valid, it is even possible to specify multiple banners and/or locations per promotion rule. For every banner you can specify:

  • The start and end time (within the Rule from and to period), this value is optional
  • Assign banner to store to allow multiple language versions to be shown)
  • Upload a banner file or specify a banner URL
  • Specify a sort order to show banners in specific order

Default banners

When configuring multiple locations, there is a change that not all positions have a promotion rule with a banner specified. For this it is possible to display a default banner for each location. 

Example usage

1. Free shipping promotion

On every page below the menu bar there is a banner showing your shipping costs, this banner is specified as a default banner for that location. During some seasonol promotion you offer free shipping. For this you create a shoppingcart price rule that sets shipping to be free, in this promotion you upload a banner that should replace the default banner below the menu. This promotion rule can be schedule for a year in advance.

2. Homepage banners

 On your homepage you have one or more banner locations that show your current weekly promotions, changing this banner every week takes a lot of work. With the Promotions Rule Banners extension you can create custom banner locations, within the catalog rule that you create you select this custom location. Optionaly you can activate this banner every Fryday at noon. For this the catalog rule needs to be active for the day the promotion is started, but for the banner to dusplay it is possible to specify that it will be shown only from noon (and ends at noon a week later). This allows you to schedule every promotion rule some time in advance.



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Release notes
Version: 14.300.1, release date: 2014-10-27
Renamed banner block names to resolve naming conflict with other extension
Version: 14.274.1, release date: 2014-10-01
Updated Genmato Core bundle
Version: 14.255.2, release date: 2014-09-12
Initial Release

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